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Use this switch together with


Use this switch together with the /debug switch and the /debugport switch to configure Windows to send debug information over an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE) 1394 port. To support debugging over a 1394 port, both computers must be running Microsoft Windows XP or later. The 1394 port has a maximum number of 63 independent communications channels that are numbered 0 through 62. Different hardware implementations support a different number of channels across one bus. Windows XP has a limit of four destination computers. However, this limitation is removed in Windows Server 2003. To perform debugging, select a common channel number to use on both the computer that the debugger runs on, which is also known as the host computer, and the computer that you want to debug, which is also known as the destination computer. You can use any number from 1 to 62.

To configure the destination computer

  • Edit the Boot.ini file to add the /CHANNEL=x option to the operating system entry that you have configured for debugging. Replace x with the channel number that you want to use. For example, configure the [operating systems] area of the Boot.ini file to look similar to the following: [boot loader] timeout=30 default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS [operating systems] multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Windows Server 2003, Enterprise" /fastdetect /debug /debugport=1394 /CHANNEL=3

  • Plug the 1394 cable in one of the 1394 ports.
  • Disable the 1394 host controller on the destination computer. To do this, start Device Manager, right-click the device, and then click Disable.
  • Restart the computer.

  • To configure the host computer

  • Plug the 1394 cable in one of the 1394 ports.
  • Install the kernel debugger binary files.
  • Start a command prompt. Press enter after you type each of the following commands:

    kd -k

  • Move to the folder where you installed the kernel debugger, and then type the following command:


  • When you first start the debugger, a 1394 virtual driver is installed. This driver permits the debugger to communicate with the destination computer. You must be logged on with administrator rights for this driver installation to complete successfully.

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